Alkaline & Hominy

That May, cafes,
this night at the surface,
rainwater levels,
Canal Street sundown
wading, flicker
of inhalation, unlit
lamplight, unmet.

Trafficking in was —
tight iron-black crest,
the singer’s wrist-lace
Jazz, parade floats of
breath, embrace of
chicory, hyper-conscious
explosives: In
pieces, findings, myco-
mounds (faded stems,
folded, faded caps);

Sweated and reddened
andouille, in McIlhenney,
hand-held on
sweltering local
radio that April, a daycare
center, station reports
screaming out
of Oklahoma,
the Alfred P.,
two minutes after
nine, Murrah Building,

now going on, that
Ryder truck;

In vain, recounting
what’s gone.