In Dreams Begin Delmore

Courtship like clockwork a-tick,
shuffle reaped seed by midafternoon.
Humboldt’s war chest levied skyscape,

the bell heavy simpering Sabbath,

river shadow men jagged when lean.
Future holds on to inspector’s specula,
whipped up coffee as zephyr in whisper —

scree chimes atop bathetic trail line.

Ample ready fonts for buttress or aid.
Canned horsemeat; weak tingle of deceit,
silver trinkets suffice. Cradle knock, two

3 cent stamps flushed crow: nadir pleas.

Recess bed covers enveloping sop (later)
of raisin sugar liqueur, park fleas morosely.
!זיין שווארצע יאר / Zeyn shvartse yar!

Sour whims fêted (a lot) on reserve.