Just Rest

don’t have to decide,
now. Just rest.
don’t need to edit a thing,
now. Just rest. don’t
feel pressure
to get something done,
now. Just

don’t: don’t. don’t
try and figure
it to a finale.
Just rest.
don’t strain yourself. Just rest,
just rest.
don’t solve for Y.
don’t present
your heart working.
don’t elucidate themes
to amplify assumed
of perfection, now.

Just rest. don’t
ruminate on all I’m telling.
Now, just rest. don’t
lock into some
suppositional play,
now, just rest. don’t
eyeball this spurious weft.
don’t contextualize
a litany’s advice,
now. Just rest.

don’t puzzle over aberrant
aromatics, now. Just
rest. don’t weigh again your
lived entirety by any manner,
whatsoever, now.

Just don’t
carry on kneading,
now. Just relax. don’t
y’know? only
as an American can.