Barrel Falls

Refractory sealed
erring, etiology plagues

marked as May fluent
love of cowardice,

as combinatory
spurred petal idiom

unblunted, for retentive
down. Henderson’s

cracked static gaze.

O ziggurat
of the euthanized

syllabic (draped
dye–rich), attenuate

this cared, mendicant
order: two to, for four–

storied bureau;
such was metaphysic.


Bellwether lashing
in bed

funk of forty

apace of
calibration was

ripened tender
to an extradition

imperial court’s

flying Torquemada
the Converso theatre

a third
asking Sarah

our bandied lady

sodden if ten fresh
unopened lentils

is enough
of God to shelter

The Up Button

Blocked myself

in the passing
of the

unbelievable few
of the

walking as to
the passing other

may not or be
indecency a one

mighty knee sock
so befitting a soft

soled shoe May
yet be our thing

we won’t consider
sane Way under you