Mrs. Vaughan

Honking on her object
marker, drawn down

an artifice for another
time; Syncopated,
of a swing

induced, the world
washed out and hell,

found accords as pedantic
after-space: haunting,


colloquial mall-feeling.

Clifford formed ghosts,
(silent Sarah), transcendent

to aspect–

in disrepair and

Leah / לאה

One name (of the) only heard
of Laban’s eldest fear

her first heart afar
a width of water

—is all same is body
bearing and unlearned

for when am I to be
the girl I

was – a lone blessing
along Laban’s elder years

youngest eye
the primary listening

of the so-so foolish
warming winds she

carried on her
reach short

of an unrest
tilling the count

for each re-
tracted furrow