Classic Quarry

Seen all good people
stained pallid
by the hammer,

& Constable Cocaine

a marching through,
to, this,
mauling end.

Felt ’em at night,
at another daybreak
blast, heard ’em

on summer weights,
off with their
withered cast.

Robbed a few good
at the yowl.

Sighed and we wept,
conversed, let better
so, so longin’ n’


Beat Primer Rag

Things considered, I did,
consider: received
invitation, way I did

her comment inscribes measure,
ornamented contract
of darkness

unfathomable, vast, cumbrous gales
rising through — mind’s
whipped, unlivable,

sinister trip.
Entry point as ladder as
to addressee, testing

conscious — (fading) paint,
zenith (always
Southern arising) folk tributary,

catalyzing ill met — that
inimical transition; remanding psalms
gripped in by

stoic fraught, and flaunting;
the-would-be bought-up
contemplation, smarting



(the) poet in
(the) window terms

it; submission of
ridicule impressed

the dog with a penny
candy award. (the) poet in

(the) window terms

it; attrition of amalgam
ate it, as against

hope it’s (the)
ante some cat

can’t afford.