The Whole

Uncle Miltie’s pipik and
laughing again at oceans of sweat
equity only the smaller share
of the below-the-bungalow belt joke.

Oy, tell-on myself of things!
Goy, sing in myself of this desired
(translation — English)!

Aleksandr’s Arch of Bellagio;

Upon X’s red hairs atop
skullcapped cardinals, what?
Such antinomian comics, insult?

Decoded jaws & an admonishing in
digits, upwards of 10 rubles sold!

Cookie’s black, tinged by icings white.
That now, is that told —

plagued, faced-up-to, urinated
freshly upon cousin Hershey’s Bernstein-
on-Essex St. toothpick memorial is the whole

of it; It was some joke.