Tom “The Bomb”

The derivation is linear
perch echoes a charity

stripe begging my sweet
contradiction of the absurd

reduced as proscribed
mechanic’s movement strictly

governed possibility functions
how many fused atomic rules

in use populating finite
semantic worlds Fork-fed

output of lettered truth
courting validity bouncing

on soundness
complete for a time

and falsity if then & only if
dribbled method end-of-coastline

to troubled sense stutter/stepping
glancing back round particular rims

dancing off an orange kind
skimmed globe of blood Euclidean

of stated sunshine set Frege
for his pro-Elders stance

by bounce-pass paradox’s byway
after Palmetto Road up Glades

(Old Abe Saperstein’s
trotters, recall Boca’s retired


cool glass eyeing “Buckshot”
Baxley proof when

there is nothing is
fresher tanning beside

backwards ‘(ε)’ long
bound variables wooing

in flash sun-spark
alone a — dotted plane