Ay Johnny

I saw a movie one time,
it starred Gregory Peck

and your fall-by-the sword
love affair with Errol Flynn,

I said “Oh, no! no! I’ve been through
this movie before.”

All I really wanna do,
(sittin’ on a barbed wire fence),

singin’ love’s praises, I sung
the song slowly.

I’m on the pavement (muttering small
talk at the wall), only sighing:

I can walk, around the block,

I see my light come shining,
got my back to the sun,

sick and tired of the war,
got a new pony and I’ll lie

in my bed, once again.

My name it is nothing by the name
of Priest; they asked me what my name was,

(his name wasn’t Henry Porter)
I said “Captain Kidd”,

but I feel just like a Jesse James.

I was young when I left home,
I’ll be a long time gone

walkin’ down the line,
that long, lonesome road, babe —

I can’t help it if I’m lucky.