The Paschal Pleiades

Lest your mind not bend;
it carries

as if on
sensible winds ..

Lest my thoughts not dim;
they adjust

for favored ones
desiring of rest ..

Lest your ideas not turn;
they query

to each, affecting
muted inspection ..

Lest your dreams not hurt;
they populate

by things felt,
of a waiting world ..

Lest my spirit not waver;
is rewarded

on elegant face,
heeding transmutations ..

Lest your hopes not wane;
they lament

as obeisance to glory,
anonymous ..

Lest my heart not break;
it is muscle

as all muscle,
plies so susceptible ..

Lest your strength not cap;
it flows with

dynamism (varied),
up to its tasks ..

Lest my will not vanish;
given to faith,

the very same ..

Lest your ears attend;
language loving

on inroads,
reading in light ..