Manahatta Opus

Sticking ground
on equidistant node

of my traversing;


nocturnal, lyre-
laughing nymph, strung

round as floundered blue

skirts girdled

music deep into
that token sound.

Liquifying light gave out

grave limits,

as certainty why
one tongue, some god

grifting freight from some
joking gold!

Bank of wooden offal
ate cool space

at sudden heights.

Nickeled brine,

infatuated, evolving

bliss trespassing

accursing blank
mist: its proscription’s

signal –
if supple – bested

clout, once.

A paleing assignment,
yours deserted

of malleable chic
pressed in against

May, casuists amidst
the block temple

ring of reticently
confessed hump’s

deflationary surmount,
sneaker of

their gilded carob
candy doubloons.

Avarice or artifice,
years of up-

heavals, uphill and
apt, onward

leaking loose our
Suetonian rubber,


prestige slattern’s
machinated grease.