Fool Mama

Cool Mama strays
Bowery dime on ( “Baby, baby”)

broken sill —toss
crime cousin buckled

’rounding pink
Spalding ball (“Baby, baby”)

“rays’ tunneling
analogous clock terracing”;

Hay cooper-

Fourth (Ave.) slog. ( ..ooh.”)

Betty Smith, Dearest

Trees grow in Manhattan, too,
uphill of the Houston Street
fed side, the other’s
other Bridge
cargo rattling off echoes of
old payphone beats, cozy
gut punches,
unscripted, unseen
by the Drive: base court
revelations abjure little scum
slim fronted grunts,
initializing a dummied up descent,
cherrywood, cigar store
indigent canceled in

need to re-
remember that
tree grown in Manhattan, too.

Wresting Face

Take pride, rightdoing thing!
Avoid flophouse

shows! Re-up and up on course,
of course! Investigate,

study, require
a negated letter, a weakness!

Find quietism (Nice,
shapeshift form walkin’ Bargain

District: pigeon plucks reluctant,
compound bone).

In the while cool
world shortly, deployment

of elfland variant, sculpted
catatonic; Not cloaked,

timorous traps: Boiling tenders’
descriptions, moving out,

against — again enflamed,
theomorphic, a Hirsch-

like critical leg;
Caught smoking,

’45 mask taut,
(wrapped) over my head.