Alias Coterie

Falling in awe before the coming
spring, underground

juniper offers glints, scintillas,
modicums, renewable

undercurrents in albeits,
amenable as undertow.

Admiring as your sonorous
sliver of AM

contrivance, early evening’s
constructive audio,

equipping hard my
reticent city dwelling book

(worn taupish), beige.
Watercolor, air-dry in

cooled undershirt
comes to bubkes off

hips, just to
let out ‘a little’;

Ruffled and still
consider the wardrobe’s

shorthair-voiced earshot
(to get with) ensnared,

finale of awe,
falling is ongoing

well, well into: spring —
but being; and seen being,

eschewed upon,

We’ve Got Tonight

{Safety came at eleven prompt
pre-recorded before a live
studio audience
ushered in slow key-plucked
notes walked city in heap..
surround of pup tent borders
her brushed-drum iteration O
Mercy (oh-Oxytocin)
atypical and torrential
solipsistic design..
average-averse: aeternal
monologic ridicule
absent salve of graphomania
soon to submerge faith..
inscriptive evidence —
schematizing cuff hem
mother-wise cursive funerary seam..